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  The new generation Golf Grips  


It began in the early 70s when a gentleman by name of Buster Jacques set out to create a golf grip that would fit the hands more naturally than traditional tapered grips. Little did Buster realize that he would embark on an idea that would change the way golfers look at grips, and quite possibly change the game of golf forever?

The BALLBUSTER reverse taper golf grip was originally designed for people with arthritic conditiones, as the grip followes the natural shape of the hands and not the shape of the shaft. However, throught extencive testing and research it was clear that the reverse taper concept could also solve numerous swing ailments, providing the lower hand with a stable axis to the club. Unlike standard and non tapered grips the patended reverse taper design of the BALLBUSTER grip aids in the ability to turn the wrist over more freely during the swing, reducing the tendency to slice or push the ball, allowing improved control in the short and middle iron game and more distance and accuracy off the tee. And both natural and traditional grippers can effectively use this grip.

From tee to green and everything in between, no other grip on the marked plays as consistent as the Original Reverse Taper Grip.

The Original Reverse Taper Grips design could cure slices forever!

Don't make excuses for your game any longer

You can inprove you game according to table below


    Patented reverse taper design

    Enhanced control for the lower hand

    Tension free grip helps eliminate slicing

    Added feel during short scoring shots

    No need to build up grip with tape

    Great on any club, including putters

    Made of durable, moisture resistant, Premium SANTOPRENE  for long wear, and outstanding wet weather playability

    The Original Reverse Taper Grip is made in USA and fully conforms to the U.S.G.A and The R&A St. Andrews rules of golf




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