Regripping Instructions
If you don't feel comfortable regripping your own clubs, contact you local Golf Pro, and they will be able to do it for you.

Step 1:

Apply the white side of the tape lengthwise along a clean shaft. Allow 1/4 of an inch to extend beyond the butt end of the shaft.

**Note: This tape can be applied over build up tape, just like the solvent-activated, double coated tape.**


Step 2:

Remove the white liner and carefully wrap the tape around the shaft. Twist the end of the tape and push the twist inside the butt end of the shaft. This will prevent water from entering the shaft during the grip installation process.



Step 3:

Plug the hole in the grip cap with a tee or cover the hole with your finger, then pour  solvent both into the grip and along the surface of the tape. Cover the open end of the grip and shake to thoroughly wet the entire inside.

**Note: One drop of liquid dish soap can be added to 16 ounces of water to make the grip slide on easier.**


Step 4:

Pour the solvent from the grip along the entire length of the solvent soluble tape to again moisten the tape.

**Note: Shake the grip briskly to remove any excess solvent that may be trapped.**


Step 5:

It is very important that the entire surface of the tape is wet (be sure that the butt end is also saturated) to facilitate installation. Position the open end of the grip just beneath the shaft butt and quickly slide the grip up and over the shaft until the shaft hits the end cap.

**Note: The grip should be applied as closely as possible in the correct alignment at this point.**